The RYS Acceleration System™

Raise Your Spirit specialises in raising the spirit of those living with a disability. Our business is based on achieving optimum Disability Performance & Wellbeing.

Our Disability Performance and Wellbeing program is called The RYS Acceleration System™.

It is a proprietary 22 level, planning and reward system that helps the participant fulfill their NDIS goals faster. The RYS Acceleration System™ works with our clients and all involved to determine the tasks, schedules, and key milestones and how to best achieve them. It is our game plan to get results faster. It is a life plan and a practical at-home guide that makes everyone’s lives better. It also guides the client’s support across our camps, one on one support and day programs and sets our clients up for their life. It helps them live their best life as soon as possible.

Step 1: Client/Participant diagnosis & planning meeting

We get to know the participant over 9 weeks. We spend the time to meet with the parent and the participant in their home. We take the participant places and our skilled coaches find out what goals they have for life.

Step 2: Strategy

In the week 9 session we provide a 3-month plan with a perpetual calendar showing what needs to be done each day and what the rewards are.

Step 3: Implementation

We leave you with a guide to work with your loved one and we are also available for support as and when required.

Step 4: Quarterly Review & Reward

We come back and do an assessment every three months that you are part of the program. We provide a colour shirt as part of the grading. Your loved one will work through the system to achieve a black shirt.

This program is run with a multi-disciplined approach. Each client has a consulting team depending on their needs. An initial assessment is completed and is updated every three months.

This program has a six month wait list and is by application only. Please apply below: