SA – ADELAIDE – CREATIVE NURSERY TERM 1 PROGRAM (3rd February – 6th April 2024)

If you love being creative, you'll love The Creative Nursery.

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10 Week Program

This program uses creativity to help NDIS participants connect, socialise, participate, learn and have fun.

Learn through creativity. If you love being creative, why not learn to apply creativity to everything you do. Explore different mediums. Do it for fun or turn it into extra income. Anyone can be creative. Creativity is so much fun! Creative projects are completed each session followed by lunch and a fun activity.

T-shirt Designing

Smart phone photography and videography

Jewellery making

Candle making

Tie dying

Hand craft pottery

Painting in the park

Learn to draw cartoons

Write your name with calligraphy

Make a herb garden and visit a farm

Be creative in the kitchen

Design a birthday invite or birthday card

And lots more

Designed by an award winning creative and instructed by some really creative people.

Ages: 7-14 years & 15-25 years

Abilities: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Groups each session

Led by our nurturing and dedicated RYS Acceleration System qualified staff.

Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Creating, Socialising, learning, fun & exercise.

10 week Saturday Program
Level of Care Price per unit NDIS Codes 10 week Total
1 on 1 $866.62 04_162_0136_6_1, 04_599_0136_6_1, 04_210_0125_6_1 $8,666.20
1 on 2 $623.44 04_167_0136_6_1, 04_599_0136_6_1, 04_210_0125_6_1 $6,234.40
1 on 3 $542.38 04_172_0136_6_1, 04_599_0136_6_1, 04_210_0125_6_1 $5,423.80
Please note: All prices are subject to change based on the NDIS price guide. Prices are not based on regional locations.
Our terms and conditions apply. Prices are valid for SA. Limited places. All 10 sessions will be billed for all clients.
If your child has any behavioural issues or absconds, please ensure you select 1:1 Support to ensure the safety of all involved.
We can only accept participants that are either Plan Managed or Self Managed.
Participants are to bring their own food and water bottle.
Prices do not include complex needs or an establishment fee. Door to door transport can be arranged on request but is an extra cost. Photos are for illustration purposes only.

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